Best Practices Archive

Sr.No. Title Area of Innovation Year Format
1 Free Diagnostics Program-GRIP Andhra free diagnostics 2016 PPT
2 West Bengal PPIUCD Programme Implementation 5 July 17 2 RMNCHA 2017 PPT
3 Tamil Nadu sterilisation deaths final ppt RMNCHA 2017 PPT
4 State Reg Newborn Care Res Centers in Rajasthan RMNCHA 2017 PPT
5 HR Prelude Good Practices Final SESSION 1 2017 PDF
6 2-Contraceptive-Method-Mix-WB-30-Oct-18 Session 1 2018 PPT
8 Dr Singh Introduction RBSK Session 1 PPT
9 Scaling up RBSK Maharastra PPTX
10 SNCU &NRCs Madhya Pradesh PPT
11 Comprehensive MCH Tamil Naidu PPTX
13 Convergence_in_Urban_Planning Gujarat PPTX
14 Free Medicines Rajasthan PPTX
15 Drugs procurement_policy West Bengal PPTX
16 Local resources and innovations Mizoram PPTX
17 NCD integartion to PHC Tamil Naidu PPTX
18 Malaria Control Orissa PPT
19 RNTCP Kerala PPTX
20 PMTCT Karnataka PPTX
21 E- Governance Maharashtra PPTX
22 E - Performance Audit - J&K Session 2 PPTX
23 Teleophthalmology Tripura PPT
24 E- Health Tamil Nadu PPTX
25 Mobile Based payments Bihar PPTX
26 MCI Regulation MoHFw Session 2 PPT
27 Stengthening nursing Odhisa PPT
28 Rural Med Corps Chhattisgarh PPTX
29 Transfers & Postings Karnataka PPT
30 Partnerships Haryana PPTX
31 DIfficult Area Incentives Himachal Pradesh PPTX
32 Data Logger Haryana PPTX
33 Polio Microplans in RI Bihar PPT
34 MDR Assam PPTX
35 Emergency Responses Madhya Pradesh PPT
36 PPPs for EmOC and PHC Arunachal Pradesh PPT
37 Gaon Kalyan Samiti Orissa PPT
38 Mitanin_ Career progression Chhattisgarh PPTX
39 Mobile Kunji Bihar PPTX
40 Grievance Redressal Rajasthan PPT
41 Birth Companion Initiative Tamil Nadu PPT
42 Birth Preparedness & Parental Education for better Maternofetal Outcome Telangana PPTX
43 Evaluation and Treatment of Defect at Birth through Camp approach under RBSK Tripura PPT
44 Facility Based Newborn Care Database & Daksh Madhya Pradesh PPT
45 Mobile Mamta Diwas Gujarat PPTX
46 Ensuring Institutional Delivery through VHSNC Participation Sikkim PPTX
47 Fulwari Initiative Community Managed Nutrition Centres Chhattisgarh PPTX
48 Sahiya(ASHA) Help Desk Jharkhand PPT
49 Strategies for Improved Financial Management and ASHA Payment through PFMS Session 2 PPT
50 Prenatal Screening of Antenatal Mothers for Congenital Foetal Anomalies by Ultra Sonogram through PPP Mode Tamil Nadu PPTX
51 Tele Medicine Project Public Private Partnership Innovation_ Himachal Pradesh PPTX
52 Teleophthalmology Tripura PPT
53 USSD Implementation west Bengal PPTX
54 AMANAT(Mobile Nurse Mentoring) Bihar PPTX
55 Public Health Cadre Tamil Nadu PPT
56 Public Health Cadre Maharashtra PPTX
57 A multi-pronged strategy is advancing the state towards kala-azar elimination West Bengal PPTX
58 Cancer & Drug De-addiction initiatives Punjab PPTX
59 ETC Model for Decreasing Mortality due to AES_JE Uttar Pradesh PPT
60 Pain and Palliative Care Tamil Nadu PPT
61 Palliative Care Kerala PPT
62 Sickle Cell Disease Control Program Maharashtra PDF
63 Accreditation and Certification of Government Healthcare Institutions Kerala PPTX
64 Mahatma Gandhi Swachhata Mission Gujarat PPTX
65 Quality of Care through Patient Feedback Mechanism Chhattisgarh PPT
66 RBSK- Monitoring System Through Effective Use of Data West Bengal PPTX
67 National Health Protection Scheme Session 1 PPTX
68 Pradhan Mantri Surakshit Matritva Abhiyan-A Safe Motherhood Initiative Session 1 PPTX
69 Advanced Distribution of Misoprostol to Prevent PPH Himachal Pradesh PPTX
70 ANMOL Andhra Pradesh PPTX
71 EVIN Madhya Pradesh PPTX
72 PrasavGraph An Android based e-partograph-ICMR, New Delhi PPTX
73 Strategic scaling up of Post Partum Family Planning Services Tamil Nadu PPT
74 Family Centred Care of Newborn New Delhi PPTX
75 Decentralised_Health Planning Maharashtra PPTX
76 Diagnostics services in the State Andhra Pradesh PPT
77 E-Upkaran- Equipment Management and Maintenance system Rajasthan PPTX
78 Onsite Mentoring for Transformation of Quality of Care Rajasthan PPTX
79 Performance Appraisal Madhya Pradesh 2015 & 2016 PPTX
80 Public Financial Management System Bihar PPTX
81 Sarathi 104 Health Information Helpline with Grievance Redressal System Assam PPTX
82 Strengthening of Human Resource for Health in Remote and Difficult Areas Odisha PPTX
83 Health Kiosks Punjab PPTX
84 Note on Implementation of Community Process in NUHM with MEPMA as Development Partners Telangana PPTX
85 Urban Baseline Survey Madhya Pradesh PPTX
86 Cancer Care Delivery at District Hospital in Madhya Pradesh PPTX
87 Development and Implementation of tele-mentoring network for skilled capacity building and quality care in Addiction and Mental Health Virtual NIMHANS Karnataka PPTX
88 District Public Health Laboratories Tamil Nadu PPTX
89 Hemoglobinopathies Gujarat PPTX
90 ICT enabled free access to TB drug for private sector patients Gujarat PPTX
91 India Fights Dengue Session 3 PPTX
92 NCD_Complex Tirupati PPTX
93 Sampoorna-Comprehensive Women Health Care Programme Uttar Pradesh PPTX
94 TSG_Pathanamthitta Session 3 PPTX
95 Community Mobilization using Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) Cycle Approach Jharkhand PPTX
96 Providing Comprehensive Primary Health Care through a tiered health structure through Health and Wellness Centers Chhattisgarh PPTX
97 Unique Institutionalization of ASHA programme in the State of J&K Session 1 PPTX
98 E-Rakt_Kosh CDAC PPTX
99 Interoperable Electronic Health Records (EHR) MoHFW PPTX
100 Telemedicine Project Maharashtra PPT
101 Tripura goes Green Tripura PPTX
102 Community Processes for Urban Slums Chhattisgarh PPTX
103 Intensive NCD Screening Program in Urban PHCs Tamil Nadu PPTX
104 Inter-Sectoral Convergence with Urban Local Bodies(ULBs) for increasing service Utilization Haryana PPTX
105 Community Engagement for Saving Daughters Rajasthan PPTX
106 ESM-UBT Maharashtra PPT
107 Facility Based Newborn Care J&K PPTX
108 Kangaroo Care Project Uttar Pradesh PPTX
109 Piloting an Antenatal Care-based Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Screening and Management Madhya Pradesh PPTX
110 PPIUCD Program Implementation West Bengal PPTX
111 Quality of Newborn Care through SHSRC Rajasthan PPTX
112 Reduction in deaths following Sterilization Tamil Nadu PPTX
113 Vaccine Hesitancy Karnataka PPTX
114 Bringing Accountability in Health Madhya Pradesh PPTX
115 HRH Recruitment and Retention strategies in Bijapur Chhattisgarh PPTX
116 Human Resources for Health Session1 PDF
117 Research & Innovation ro support Health Systems ICMR PPTX
118 BBMP(PHIEC) Karnataka PPTX
119 Improving Access to Malaria Control Services Odisha PPTX
120 NLEP Madhya Pradesh PPTX
121 NVBDCP Maharashtra PPTX
122 Urban Surveillance under IDSP Karnataka PPTX
123 104 Call Centre with Medical Helpline Bihar PPTX
124 Diplomate of National Board Courses Tamil Nadu PPTX
125 Improving Hospital Building Designs to Improve Quality of Care Madhya Pradesh PPTX
126 Kashmir Skills & Simulation Centre J&K PPTX
127 Making CPHC Possible Chhattisgarh PPTX
128 Medico Legal Protocol Kerala PPTX
129 Organ Donation Tamil Nadu PPTX
130 Public Health Cadre Odisha PPT
131 Swasthya Vidya Vahini Andhra Pradesh PPTX
132 Cataract Backlog Free District Initiative Tripura PPTX
133 Family Health Centre Approach for UHC Kerala PPTX
134 Heart mHealth Clinical Decision Support System NCDS PPT
135 IT System for Screening and Followup of NCD patients (MMHC) Andhra Pradesh PPTX
136 Operationalizing-Mental Health Clinics at District Hospitals Madhya Pradesh PPTX
137 SAMPOORNA MANASIKAROGYAM(Mental Health for all) Kerala PPTX
138 Tobacco Free Villages Punjab PPTX
139 AERB Compliance Uttar Pradesh PPT
140 Core Dash Board-Integrated Hospital Sanitation Monitoring System Andhra Pradesh PPTX
141 Engaging Chemists to Strengthen TB Notification PPTX
142 Improving Case Notification & Quality in Private Sector Bihar PPTX
143 Infection Control by Swachhta Mission Audit Gujarat PPT
144 Organ-Donation and Challenges Madhya Pradesh PPT
145 Screening & Orientation of ASHAs for NCDs J&K PPTX
146 Systematic Active Case Finding Efforts in Tribal TB Units Andhra Pradesh PPTX
148 e-Vittapravaha Madhya Pradesh PPTX
149 NIPAH Kerala PPTX
150 STEMI_Management_ICMR PPTX
151 STEMI Tamil Nadu PPTX
152 Making of a Hub RKSK Madhya Pradesh PPTX
153 Optimal Contraceptive Method Mix West Bengal PPTX
154 Respectful Maternity Care Maharashtra PPTX
155 Shalabham Comprehensive Newborn Screening Program Kerala PPTX
156 ~$Shalabham_Hridyam Kerala PPTX
157 LaQshya_Labour Room Quality Improvement Initiative Gujarat PPTX
158 ~$Reducing_neonatal_mortality_by_addressing_the_group_at_the_highest_risk Bihar PPTX
159 Reducing Neonatal Mortality by Addressing the Group at the Highest Risk Bihar PPTX
160 Setting up of Modern DLR (Delivery Labor Recovery) Rooms Telangana PPTX
161 Systematic Rollout of Injectable Contraceptive(MPA) Rajasthan PPTX
162 Avoidable Blindness Free (Kantivelugu)Programme Telangana PPTX
163 Comprehensive Mental Health Package Karnataka PPTX
164 Corneal Blindness Backlog Free Punjab PPTX
165 Hypertension Management Initiative Kerala PPTX
166 India Hypertension Control (Management) Initiative ICMR PPTX
167 Tele Ophthalmology Program Andhra Pradesh PPTX
168 Betul Initiative for TB Free District Madhya Pradesh PPTX
169 Covering Private Sector TB Patient through Public Health System_Mahesana Model Gujarat PPTX
170 Effective Malaria Control Programme Odisha PPT
171 Integrated Approach to Elimination of Grade II Disability due to Leprosy Dadra & Nagar Haveli PPTX
172 RNTCP Care Through Private Sector Innovations Maharashtra PPTX
173 An Action oriented Consultative Seminar on Health Planning Gujarat PPTX
174 Equipment Management and Maintenance Software(EMMS) Madhya Pradesh PPTX
175 Health and Wellness Centres Karnataka PPTX
176 Human Resources Management Information System Chhattisgarh PPTX
177 Innovations in rolling out Certificate course in Community Health Uttar Pradesh PPTX
178 Dakshata Mentor Mobile Application Rajasthan PPTX
179 Integrated Health Information Platform NCDC MoHFW PPTX
180 Knowledge Command Centre Andhra Pradesh PPTX
181 Linkage of PICME(MCTS) & CRS- Tamil Nadu PPTX
182 TeCHO Gujarat PPT
183 Swasthya Sewa Dapoon-Integrated MIS GIS System Assam PPTX
184 Augmenting Blood Services through Blood Collection and Transportation Van Gujarat PPTX
185 Extension of CPHC in the Remote Corners Assam-Through HWC,MMU Boat Clinic PPTX
186 Integration of 108 EMRI Ambulances with Tamil Nadu Accident and Emergency Care Initiative(TAEI) Tamil Nadu PPTX
187 Paying for Performance Odisha PPTX
188 AMA Clinic(Specialist Services in the Urban PHC) Odisha PPTX
189 GIS Mapping and Vulnerability Assessment in UPHCs under NUHM Tamil Nadu PPTX
190 Mahila Arogya Samitis (MAS) Rajasthan PPTX
191 Model_UPHC_project Maharashtra_Nagpur PPTX
192 Alliance for Saving Mothers and Newborns (ASMAN) Madhya Pradesh PDF
193 Child Health Screening & Early Intervention Services RBSK Karnataka PPTX
194 Delayed Cord Clamping + ECD in 1000 Days Gujarat PPTX
195 Family Planning Logistics Management and Information System Gujarat PPT
196 Health Technology Assessment in India-Deptt of Health Research PPTX
197 Innovations in Maternal and Child Health Care Services Chhattisgarh PPTX
198 Rashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakram(RKSK) Meghalaya PPTX
199 Safal Shuruat Uttar Pradesh PPTX
200 Surakshit Matrutva Aashwasan(SUMAN) Himachal Pradesh PPTX
201 Using Multipronged Strategy for Improving Facility-Based Management of Low Birth Weight babies including ECD Haryana PPTX
202 Taare Zameen Par-A Night Vigil Chandigarh PPTX
203 India Hypertension Control Initiative (IHCI) Continumm of care Maharashtra PPTX
204 Aardram Mission Kerala PPTX
205 Buddy Model UP PPT
206 Delivering of Home-based Palliative Care by Sub-Health Centre- Manipur PPTX
207 Innovation and achievement under NVHCP Haryana PPTX
208 Mukya Mantri Kshay Rog Nivaran Yojana (MMKRNY) Himachal Pardesh PPTX
209 journey towards Universal Health Coverage Odishaa PPT
210 Person Centric Care through shared Leadership_Banka Model Bihar PPTX
211 Reduction in Malaria Burder under Intensified Malaria Elimination Project-A Paradigm Shift Meghalaya PPTX
212 STEPS-A Innovative STEP to End TB Kerala PPTX
213 SWAAS Kerala PPTX
214 TeCHO+ Gujarat PPTX
215 Triple Drug Therapy Jharkhand PPT
216 VIA Screening through CHOs Manipur PPTX
217 Basthi Dawakhana Telangana PPTX
218 Defining & Documenting the Catchment areas of UPHCs & ANMs on Web Portal in Urban Areas Delhi PPTX
219 e-Family Health Record Telangana PPTX
220 E-Hospital+E-Upchaar Haryana PPTX
221 IHIP Implementation Karnataka PPTX
222 Mera Aspataal Gujarat PPTX
223 UHC IT Platform Tamil Nadu PPT
224 Use of Technology for Better Data Visualization and Informed Decision-Making Rajasthan PPTX
225 Action at Dusk- Active case finding for Leprosy in Evening Hours Dadar & Nagar Haveli PPTX
226 AKSHAYA KERALAM TB Services at doorsteps during COVID pandemic Kerala PPTX
227 Mainstreaming Female Sex Workers in NVHCP West Bengal PPTX
228 Malaria Mukt Bastar Campaign NVBDCP Chhattisgarh PPTX
229 NIKSHAY MITRA - An initiative of National TB Elimination Programme (NTEP) through Private Provider Support Agency (PPSA) for comprehensive care of TB patients in private health sector Jharkhand PPTX
230 Role of Peer Support staff in implementation and expansion of NVHCP during COVID Punjab PPTX
231 SAPEL(Special Action Plan for Elimination of Leprosy) NLEP Chhattisgarh PPTX
232 Free Diagnostics in Telangana State Telengana PPTX
233 National Tele-consultation services (eSanjeevani OPD) Tamil Nadu PPTX
234 Screening, Detection and Management of Diabetic retinopathy through Health & Wellness centres Punjab PPTX
235 Team Huddle Meeting Gujarat PPTX
236 Zone-wise categorization of essential services at HWCs during COVID times Chhattisgarh PPTX
237 Hamar Aspatal Jharkhand PPTX
238 Specialist Evening Clinics Telangana PPTX
239 Delivery of NCD Drugs to Patients during COVID-19 Pandemic Tamil Nadu PPTX
240 Geriatric Day Care Centre Himachal Pradesh PPTX
241 HPV Sikkim PPTX
242 Karnataka e Manas PPTX
243 Antara Tele Consultations Rajasthan PPTX
244 Bringing to forefront Maternal Death Surveillance and Response during COVID-19 Pandemic Madhya Pradesh PPTX
245 Management of High-risk Antenatal Mother during COVD-19 Tamil Nadu PPTX
248 Optimum Utilization of Counsellors Maharashtra PPTX
249 A Community Centric Model for TB Elimination-RNTCP Programme Telangana PPTX
250 Prevention and Control of Haemoglobinopathies Tamil Nadu PPTX
251 Community Monitoring of Health Services through Social Audit Unit Jharkhand PPTX
252 Hi-Tech Lab Karnataka PPTX
253 Streamlining ASHA Payment Uttar Pradesh PPTX