NHSRC Serves as the Technical Secretariat for National Healthcare Innovations Portal.

The role of technical secretariat includes the following:

  • Consolidating the innovations from available resources, secondary searches, submission by innovators through the National Portal
  • Arranging for regular meetings of the committee. It is desirable that each of the Program and Product appraisal committee meet at least once in 4 months
  • The technical secretariat would present the submissions to the committee and will also undertake searches for credibility of evidence, any other related analytical evaluations or assessments of program and product evidences
  • The technical secretariat would fund the activities of meetings, field assessments and any related activities
  • Technical secretariat would submit to MoHFW the findings of the two appraisal committees and will inform innovators about the selection of the innovation
  • The technical secretariat would support MoHFW in informing states about the approval of the innovation
  • The technical secretariat would support states in uptake of such innovations as felt appropriate by the states.
  • Dissemination and Scale up of Innovation and Good Practice: The innovations and good practices which meet the criteria for uptake will be presented to stake holders including state officials periodically.