The National Healthcare Innovations Portal is an attempt to pool-in and showcase innovative programs designs, practices, technology solutions and products across public and privatehealthcare sector of India. These solutions have either demonstrated abilities to address health systems challenges in specific contexts or hold a promise for future.

Broadly the innovations would be either

a) Program Innovations or

b) Product Innovations.

However, specific drugs, surgical or medical procedures or practices that need evaluation through Randomized controlled trials/ or Systematic Reviews/or Meta-analysis would not be considered. For more details refer to ‘Definitions’.

If your innovation affects health care directly in a positive way, we welcome you to submit your innovation. You could be an individual, a government organization working in area of health, private institution (for-profit/not for profit) providing clinical care or non-clinical care, academic institution, an autonomous institution, a research organization (public/private), pharma sector, or associated in producing healthcare devices.

While submitting your innovation you would be asked to furnish basic contact details along with details of innovation such as name of innovation, the geography of implementation, target population and product/program assessment details. Refer to ‘Submit an Innovation’ section for detailed submission requirements.

After your submission, you will receive an email stating confirmation of your submission. A multi-member appraisal committee drawing experts from various sectors and knowledge fields would assess your innovation and you would be informed about the progress through emails.

Due to high volume of submission, we would be able to get back to you within 60 days.

The value of an innovation would be judged on the criteria’s of strength of evidence, scale of coverage, impact (including equity impact) and potential for scalability and replicability.

Every year, a batch of 5 innovations deemed fit by the committee would be selected out of all innovations approved by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for upscaling. The innovators shall be engaged at appropriate levels with help from the National Health System Resources Centre for helping states to uptake these innovations.