Frequently Asked Questions

The National Healthcare Innovations Portal is an attempt to pool-in and showcase innovative programs designs, practices, technology solutions and products across public and private healthcare sector of India. These solutions have either demonstrated abilities to address health systems challenges in specific contexts or hold a promise for future.

Broadly, the innovations fall into two categories:a) Program Innovations/ Best Practicesb) Product InnovationsHowever, specific drugs, surgical or medical procedures, or practices that require evaluation through Randomized Controlled Trials, Systematic Reviews, or Meta-analysis will not be considered. For more details, please refer to 'Definitions and Classifications'.

If your innovation has a direct positive impact on healthcare, we encourage you to submit it. For product innovation, eligibility extends to private innovators and pharmaceutical entities. Similarly, for program innovations/best practices, we extend an invitation to state NHO officials to contribute their submissions.

During the submission of your innovation, you will be required to provide basic contact details, as well as specific details about your innovation. This includes the name of the innovation, the geographical area of implementation, the target population, and details regarding the product or program assessment.

An assessment committee, comprising experts from diverse sectors and knowledge fields, will evaluate your innovation. You will receive updates on the progress of the assessment via email.