Program Innovations


Within the NHM, Programmatic innovations have been encouraged at various levels of healthcare delivery as a response to a specific problem to achieve improved health outcomes. Such innovations may range from a better referral system, new and efficient ways of treatment compliance, mechanisms to reduce cost of care/out of pocket expenditure. This would span innovations in service delivery, financing and governance.

Product Innovations

Product Innovations form a different section of the ecosystem for Innovations. Health products including medical devices, health care IT, new vaccines and drugs are critical to improve health services and population health outcome.


  1. Relevant to existing healthcare needs of the population specially for those who are disadvantaged and marginalized.
  2. Address locally endemic health problems and or diseases.
  3. Facilitate better health care reach to people in terms of Accessibility (geographies and population),Affordability including potential to reduce cost of care, Quality encompassing of Patient Safety and Equity.
  4. Bridge a crucial specialized skill gap required in delivery of health services. 
  5. Demonstrate, effective health outcomes.
  6. Evidence of Scalability into the large scale health systems.

Required details

  • Need/Rationale.
  • Description of the model.
  • Human Resources (Existing and/or New).
  • Capacity Building Strategies, if applicable.
  • Evidence of Effectiveness.
  • Cost.
  • Summary of lessons and challenges.
  • Potential for scale.
  • Partners involved in implementation.