In the last eight to ten weeks States have issued a vast range of Guidelines, Standard Operating Protocols, Advisories for different stake holders and public at large. Also, Best Practices related to various aspects of health systems have been attempted within states to address the multiple challenges that COVID 19 has thrown up.
The COVID 19 Repository is a portal to share these products: Guidelines, Standard Operating Protocols, Advisory notes and Best Practices. It will facilitate cross learning across states and districts to expedite COVID 19 responses and also build a repository of best practices and guidance documents for the future.Upload your documents within the sub-tab if any sub-tab captures the broad area of the intervention. For those interventions that do not fit these tabs, please use the tab titled “Other” While guidelines, advisory notes and SOPs can be uploaded as such, for best practices please provide a brief description of the intervention. NHSRC team may reach out to the nodal person nominated by the State for any additional information required to complete the documentation of the best practice