Inclusion Criteria 

  1. The product and or program innovations are relevant to existing health care needs of the population specially those who are disadvantaged and marginalized
  2. The product and or program innovations address locally endemic health problems and or diseases
  3. The product and or Program innovation facilitates better health care reach to people in terms of accessibility including its reach to rural areas, tier II and tier III urban settlements, affordability including potential to reduce cost of care, quality inclusive of safety of a healthcare product or process and equity with special consideration to groups including those identified in (I).
  4. The product and or program innovations bridge a crucial specialized skill gap required in delivery of health services.
  5. Innovations, which meet criteria for uniqueness of logic of initiative, system based approach, likely impact on the health status of the population and scalability.
  6. Specific drugs, surgical or medical procedures or practices that need evaluation through one or more of the processes below:
    • Randomized controlled trials
    • Systematic Reviews
    • Meta-analysis

Exclusion Criteria

1. Incomplete  Documentation of innovation:  For any innovation to be reviewed the document should include  adequate information on process, human resource and infrastructure need, capacity building strategies, cost, challenges and lessons